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Getting it Right

The aim of Compu-Vision is to continually improve its position as a leading international supplier of IT Solutions. Our Quality Policy statement reflects the commitment to quality by the Compu-Vision top management and of the culture being promoted to improve the levels of service delivered to our customers.

The overriding objectives of the company is to ensure that we deliver services and products that meet our customer's requirements and where possible, we aim to exceed our customer's expectations.

We intend to develop an environment within which each and every member of the Compu-Vision team understands the part they have to play, have the skills and authority to achieve their goals and where excellent service and products are synonymous with business success.

The responsibility for quality rests with each individual of the Compu-Vision team. Every employee therefore plays a vital role in this process working together as part of the team to achieve our objectives of:

Our primary focus: delivering IT consulting services and solutions that improve our clients' business practices. In achieving such quality service, Compu-Vision Consulting is vigorously investing in developing the necessary technical and human resources

Our continuing aim is to:

At Compu-Vision, our expertise and credentials in providing IT Consulting solutions are enhanced by our knowledge of specific industries. Our industry experts construct solutions to meet our clients' needs, using their industry knowledge to make the process simpler and faster, and provide a greater return on investment for our clients. That's why we make it our business to understand our clients' competitors and partners and the technologies specific to their businesses.

Across regional boundaries, we provide expertise in the following industries: Automotive & Manufacturing, Technology, Utilities & Energy, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Travel & Transportation, Consumer Goods & Retail, Business Services, Government & Education, and Service Providers & Telcos. At Compu-Vision Consulting, we design technology solutions and services that are closely aligned with the needs of the industry. This is possible because of the in-depth domain knowledge that the company has acquired in various industry segments over the years.

The influx of digital technologies and business models drives firms to constantly iterate and align their business and technology strategies. At the same time, forces in a specific industry influence how a firm responds to the challenges and opportunities created by technology advancement. It is in this context that a focused Vertical Domain Competency Group (VDCG) focuses on industry-specific research to build knowledge capital and thought leadership. This group also provides expert consulting on engagements and drives Compu-Vision's knowledge capital and thought leadership.